About Us

DYNACRAFT AIR CONTROLS, with over two decades of service to the Indian HVAC Industry, with superior Air Distribution Products. The Air Distribution Product segment of the HVAC Industry, has witnessed a quantum jump, in the variety and quality, now available to you. DYNACRAFT stands as a vanguard to this developmental effort. During these past years, we have worked on many projects, large and small, but all have received the same meticulous attention to product and service, which has made DYNACRAFT a name synonymous with the Air Distribution Product Industry in India.


The manufacturing facilities of DYNACRAFT AIR CONTROLS, located at Dadra (Union Territory, located 160 Km from Mumbai) is spread out over 50,000 Sq Ft and is equipped with the most modern sheet metal shop. All surface processing is carried out in house. We have an automated electrostatic paint shop. Painting is preceded by pre-treatment in a seven-tank facility.


Quality remains a crusade with our 150 strong workforce, eighty percent of whom are technically qualified and trained. Backing them in their effort is a well-equipped testing laboratory, where all incoming materials and components are checked to ensure that they all meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Finished goods are subjected to the same treatment, only more stringent.


The manufacturing is supported by a wide corporate structure, comprising Accounts, Commercial, Purchase and Imports, Stores, Quality Assurance, and last but not the least, Design and Development, where our engineers are constantly striving to improve existing product lines and add new ones.


The current manufacturing program covers a wide range of Air Management Products, from Variable Air Volume Terminal Units, Linear Grilles and Diffusers, Square Diffusers, Slot Diffusers,  Perforated Diffusers, Spiral Grilles, Laminar Flow Systems, Fire and Smoke Management Products, Collar Dampers and Access Floor Grilles. The other line of products being manufactured, cover a wide range of Acoustic Ceiling Systems. The Acoustic Ceiling Systems are offered in Galvanized Steel and Aluminum, to suit all interior and architectural needs.


The corporate and marketing offices are located at Andheri. Our application Engineers operating from here will be glad to provide you with all inputs from Project Conceptualization through execution and commissioning. All this is backed by a fully computerized Design Center, from where all our projects are designed.  Our full-fledged service facility located at Andheri is manned by a team of dedicated professionals, who will be available on call, should you ever require it.